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Weather station

It rains, or it does not rain...

Since May 2017 we posses a semi-professional weather station. The hardware consists of a Davis VantagePro2 with UV and Solar. This configuration guarantees accurate measurements. For now our weather station is mounted on the same pole as where our Ventus W266 has been mounted for the last 3 years, but that is not an ideal spot. This 2 meter long pole is attached to our barn, and does therefore by far not reach high enough to rise above the surrounding buildings, so wind measurements will not be accurate. And, apparently, the station does not get direct sunlight towards the end of the day, because our roof is blocking the sun for a while. So, no UV measurements by then, but that will not affect the readings very much. In time, I will look for a better place to mount the weather station, possible on our roof.

Below you will find a widget, which shows a summary of the actual data, refreshed every 15 minutes. By clicking on the widget you will be forwarded to the website of Weather Underground, where extensive weather information of our neighborhood can be found.