These genealogical pages are the result of years of research (since 1998) and, in fact, there is no way one will ever finish it. Therefore, the content will be updated regularly. Apart from the archives and the still living "relatives", the Internet is an enormous source for information; numerous genealogical pages are added daily, and I gratefully use their content. So a big Thank You to all the other genealogists who preceded me in publishing their research on the World Wide Web seems appropriate. Maybe now I can do something in return by sharing my work.

On the left side of the screen you will find the links to the family pages. Eventually, there will be 8 family trees (of the great-grandparents of my children) as well as the ancestry table of the kids. However, since it is quite time-consuming to translate everything, not all information will be available at once. Especially geographical names and occupations will be added later. The family trees only describe families containing at least one person carrying the family name (a "name-carrier"). You will find the children of a female name-carrier, but you won't find her grandchildren. On the one hand, it would cost me too much time to find all descendants; on the other hand, living relatives with other names are less interested because they are "too far away" from the original name and may not be willing to provide assistance.

It is my intention to present facts only. In cases where information is based on assumptions, it will say so (you will find phrases like 'most likely', 'possibly' or a question mark). In a family history, it is always possible that events have taken place, which could be considered painful to certain family members. By no means is it my intention to hurt someone's feelings; I just want the family history to be as accurate as possible. I hope you will understand.

Though the content of these pages is carefully put together, it is, of course, possible that certain information is wrong or missing. Even facts derived from archives have proven not to be correct at all times! If you happen to run into an error or an omission, I would appreciate being notified about that. You can find a link to my e-mail address elsewhere on this page.

Privacy regulations in the Netherlands force me to hide details of still living persons, unless these persons have explicitly approved publication. Of course I want to obey these rules. However, I am only human. If you do not want to have your details published, please let me know, and I will hide them. On the other hand, if you don't mind being mentioned on my site, please notify me as well; it is more fun to read names, rather than "NOT PUBLIC"...