Dear visitor, deliberately or not, you have reached the website of the Meijer-Houtveen family. And while you are here: have a look around; you might run into something interesting!

But, first of all, let's start with a brief introduction of our family:

René Meijer

Name: René Meijer.
Born: 1961.
Occupation: Since 1985 employed in the IT-field, of which 12 years freelance. As of 2007, employee of RDC inMotiv Nederland (currently daughter of Bovemij group); first as Project Manager, but since 2020 as Proces Manager.
Hobbies: Genealogy, hiking, sports in general, and is the administrator/helpdesk of the complete network at home...

Astrid Houtveen

Name: Astrid Houtveen.
Born: 1964.
Occupation: After 12 years of taking care of our children, employed as a teacher since 2002, since 2010 at Taalcentrum, where she teaches Dutch to foreign children aged 13-18. Has participated from 2005-2010 in "Landelijk Platform Beroepen in het Onderwijs", an advisory board of the Ministry of Education, which is studying the implementation of various functions in education.
Hobbies: Hiking, tinkering, and solving puzzles (jigsaw (Jan van Haasteren), Japanese and Sudoku puzzles).

Brian Meijer

Name: Brian Meijer.
Born: 1990.
Occupation: Since 2016 working as an order picker at Telesuper. Was born with a psychological (some say neurological) handicap (Asperger's Syndrome). Lives on his own not far from our place, under guidance of a specialized organisation (DBA).
Hobbies: Working on the computer (at least the games...), listening to music and playing korfball.

Davy Meijer

Name: Davy Meijer.
Born: 1992.
Occupation: Graduated from Wageningen University in 2016 (Master of Science in Biology), and since 2018 following a PhD at the same University.
Hobbies: Hiking, sports in general and enjoying life while living together with his girlfriend Wies in Zeist.

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